Natural (nature’s) medicine Care & consultations

“To thine own nature be true”

The Scope of practice of Traditional Natural Medicine consists of the assessment of body systems and biochemical imbalances through traditional natural medicine techniques, and the use of traditional natural medicine therapies and techniques to promote, maintain or restore health. These therapies include but are not limited to:

Natural Medicine - Assessment

Non-invasive traditional functional assessment techniques, including basis vital signs which are standard in most healthcare and wellness settings:

1. Body temperature 

2. Heart Rate or Pulse rate

3. Respiratory rate

4. Blood pressure

5. Oxygen level

Physical/Anthropometric assessment (height, weight, circumference of waist, wrist, and hip), noting physical appearance, as well functional as techniques such as; tongue, eye, skin assessment, nutritional interpretation of standard lab findings. Nutritional and dietary analysis, metabolic analysis, and non-invasive allergy screening. 

NOTE: Traditional Natural Medicine/ Naturotherapy Practitioners are NOT allopathic Medical Doctors (MD) and must not engage in any allopathic medical practices unless licensed to do so.

Traditional Natural (Nature's) Medicine practitioners are clinically trained in the use of the following wide natural techniques:


Natural Medicine Practitioners understand that nutrition is the basis of health. Adopting healthy nutrition is often the first step towards correcting health problems. Many health challenges can be reversed with foods and nutritional supplements than they can by other means, with fewer complications and side effects. Practitioners may use specific individual diets, fasting, and nutritional supplements to support their clients.

Herbal preparations: 

Plants have healing properties known since the age of man and were one of the first forms of medicine. Many pharmaceutical drugs have their origins in plant substances. Plant substances are used for their healing effects and nutritional values.

Homeopathic preparations: 

Homeopathic medicines are very small doses of natural substances that can stimulate the body’s self-healing response without side effects. Some conditions for which conventional medicine has no effective treatments will respond well to homeopathy.

Natural (Nature's) Medicine Practitioners are not specialists in homeopathic diagnosis but are allowed to dispense combination homeopathic remedies.

Manual techniques:

Natural (Nature's) Medicine practice includes methods of manual techniques of; soft tissues, joints, and bones, including, but not limited to instruction on exercises, aromatic (body) application, laser therapy, micro-current therapy, acupressure and other non-invasive manual techniques, hydrotherapy, electrotherapies, and ultrasound.

Health Coaching:

Natural (Nature's) Medicine Practitioners are trained in counseling, nutritional balancing, stress management, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback techniques. They also attend to environmental and lifestyle factors that affect their client’s health.

Emergency Medicine:

Natural (Nature's) Medicine Practitioners must be trained in wilderness medicine and or basic first aid and CPR and hold a current certificate of registration to practice.

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